The Meaning of the One Eye Symbol in Windows 8 Advertisements

Arrow pointing eye symbol in singer Lenka's hand
At the beginning of its appearance, Windows 8 has attracted the hearts of computer users through advertisements displayed in various media, both on TV and Youtube videos.

In addition to the excellent features displayed through the ad serving, the operating system made by Microsoft actually reaped various responses and comments on Youtube, one of the reasons being the eye symbol which was widely discussed in cyberspace.

This one eye symbol can be seen on the palms of the singer, Lenka. Clearly, in the ad video, the Australian female singer has repeatedly shown the eye symbol which is believed to have a "special" message.

Some of the Youtube viewers revealed that this eye symbol is a symbol of the Illuminati or a certain symbol related to the Dajjal. Wikipedia explains, the Illuminati comes from the Latin illuminatus (enlightened) and is the name given to several groups, either real or fictitious.

Historically, the name refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, a secret society of the Age of Enlightenment founded on May 1, 1776.

The name Illuminati is often used to denote a conspiracy organization that is believed to be behind events in the world through governments and corporations to establish the so-called New World Order, led by the Jews.

According to history, the movement pioneered by Adam Weishaupt began to emerge in 1776 in Ingolstadt, Germany, under the name of the Order of the Illuminati, with five members. Adam Weishaupt is of Jewish descent and has an educational background as a Jesuit (Jesus Society).

Adam Weishaupt also acts as the formulator of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which contains a grand agenda with the main goal of ruling the world by their people. Reportedly, one of the goals of this organization is to eliminate all religions in the world.

The one eye symbol is generally touted, both in cyberspace (internet) or electronic media as well as a more detailed explanation through a discovery-style video on Youtube with the title The Arrivals.

Many people think that the one eye symbol is also related to the Dajjal, a figure who in Islamic Eschatology is an infidel and slanderous character at the end of time.

What had gone viral, the one eye symbol later appeared in a Windows 8 ad, where in the ad Lenka danced with her palms displaying a symbol that some thought was a symbol of the Illuminati or Dajjal.

As a result of Lenka's action, dozens of comments appeared to respond to the pros and cons of the ad. The variety of comments then led to a debate in cyberspace. If you are still curious, you can access the Windows 8 ad video link.