13 Ways to Make Money from YouTube Without Uploading Videos, Interested in Trying it?

Not only as a video sharing platform, YouTube can also be used as a profit-making field. Becoming a YouTuber or content creator is quite promising these days, especially if you have millions of followers and views or views. It's just that, you are required to actively upload videos consistently so that your Google adsense ads don't decrease.

If you are not interested in being a content creator, you can try other ideas to get coffers through YouTube. Here are 13 ways to make money from YouTube without uploading videos.

1. Become a crew

Become a crew content creator as a way to earn money from YouTube without uploading videos. The majority of content creators do not work alone. They hire crews who carry out certain responsibilities, such as conceptualizing content ideas, editing videos, finding sponsors, and others.

It's just that, you need to have certain skills before trying this idea, for example copywriting, translation, and video editing. It is possible that they see the potential in you and decide to accept you as part of the crew.

2. Become a videographer

Another profession that YouTube content creators are looking at is videographer. Videos with videography techniques that are pleasing to the eye make viewers linger watching your channel's uploaded videos.

Although there are many cameras with amazing features and cellphones equipped with advanced cameras, it will be useless if they are not supported by good videographer skills. As a result, hiring the services of a videographer is the solution. Video or photos captured by videographers are much higher quality because they have mastered the methods necessary to produce an attractive end result.

3. Doing voice over

If you have a distinctive and unique voice that is pleasant to hear, you can try the voice over profession. Not infrequently content creators hire voice over services to be the narrator in their videos.

The right voice over technique will make the video more lively. Not only that, voice over can also be used as a characteristic of their YouTube channel.

4. Become a graphic designer

Informational YouTube videos usually attach infographics or other charts to make them easier to understand. Content creators generally use professional graphic design services to handle this.

If you have an interest in visual design, you can take advantage of this opportunity. Most importantly, at least you have good design skills and master certain design applications. Because interest is not enough.

5. Work as a video editor

The majority of content creators have their own video editors who are in charge of editing videos to upload on their YouTube accounts. The more creative the video that is displayed, the more views and new subscribers you can get.

The video editor profession is currently very potential because the creative digital industry demands content creators to appear unique and creative through their videos. Interested in trying it?

6. Take on the role of copywriter

Videos equipped with Indonesian or foreign language subtitles will be much more desirable because they can be understood by local and foreign viewers. That way, you can try the profession of writing video scripts or screenplays as a way to make money from YouTube without uploading videos.

The skills you must master in this field are writing and translating foreign languages. You are required to write and translate everything from dialogue to character movement in the video to a text format that is easy to read and understand.

7. Open a convert transcription service

Text can be visualized into a video, and vice versa. Video can be converted into text by hand covert transcription. The text in question is usually in the form of articles or infographics. Educational channels generally use this service to reach more target readers.

8. Work as an SEO Youtube analyst

Not only websites, YouTube channels actually require SEO services. Like other SEO officers, SEO YouTube analysts focus on the process of optimizing YouTube videos and channels so that channel traffic increases so that they become the most superior among other channels.

SEO YouTube analyst helps increase the position of the video on the search page according to the keywords used. By being in the first rank, the uploaded video will automatically get thousands or even millions of traffic, thereby increasing ad clicks and the reach of the target audience.

9. Become an MC or host

Not a few content creators do live streaming on their YouTube channel. This activity is generally carried out as a variation of content and interacts with subscribers or viewers in general. Live streaming content is quite varied, from interviews with sources to live gaming.

You can take advantage of this opportunity by becoming a master of ceremonies (MC) or host. Not only that, you can also act as a resource as long as you master a certain field. Parties involved with live streaming play an active role in determining the success of the event being held. So make the most of this opportunity.

10. Join the giveaway

Content creators usually hold giveaway events to increase interaction with subscribers and attract new subscribers. By participating in a giveaway, you can earn money without having to bother producing videos on YouTube.

In order to win the giveaway, you must follow the applicable requirements. Each giveaway has different requirements, depending on the content creator who organizes it. In addition, giveaway prizes are not only limited to money, but also smartphones, laptops, televisions, and others.

11. Opening subscriber and viewer enhancement services

Not a few content creators take advantage of the services of increasing subscribers and views when they first start their career on YouTube. At least it takes a thousand subscribers and a lot of showtimes to be able to monetize a YouTube channel. As a result, many content creators use instant methods to get rupiah coffers faster.

Even though it is quite profitable, it is not recommended to enter this business because it violates the rules set by YouTube. You should try other ways to make money.

12. Renting shooting equipment and supplies

Content creators who are just starting their YouTube channel sometimes have limited shooting equipment. As a result, they rented some of the equipment needed to produce one video, such as cameras, lighting, and microphones.

This opportunity is also more promising because many students are assigned to make short films. Therefore, you can open a shooting equipment and equipment rental business as a way to make money from YouTube without uploading videos.

13. Become an interior designer

The majority of content creators who have been on YouTube for a long time have their own studios. This studio is usually used for interviews with sources to recording podcasts.

Many of the content creators certainly hire interior design services to decorate their studios. Therefore, you can start an interior design business or just work in this kind of business to collect rupiah coffers.

Those are 13 ways to make money from YouTube without uploading videos that are a pity to miss. Which method would you like to try first? good luck..

Source: Idn Times 
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