4 Google Features to Accompany People in the Blessing Month of Ramadan

4 New Features from Google to Accompany People in the Blessing Month of Ramadan
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Google has issued a breakthrough to help the global community, including countries in the Asian region, especially those who are Muslim, to focus on carrying out Ramadan worship and having meaningful time with family.

Google has provided very interesting features. The following are interesting features from Google to accompany the Muslim community in the month of Ramadan:

1. Fasting Friends

Changing routines is a challenge in itself. This year, you will not only fast for a whole month, but you will also have to stay active in the midst of new habits.

Now simply by searching for the words "Ramadan" or "Ramadan 2022" in Google Search, you can find information from the start date of fasting, greetings, to prayer times and various other information to help plan activities from Ramadan to Hari Raya in one place.

With Business Hours on Google Maps, business owners can also update their business information on Google accurately and up to date, especially with Lent and Iftar times.

2. Relaxing Friends Before Iftar

After a day of fasting, the moment of breaking the fast is something you look forward to and want to spend with your family or closest relatives. The joy of breaking fast together can continue to be felt by staying at home.

One of them is by making cooking an activity to fill the time before breaking the fast and recipes from around the world are available on Google Search. Alternatively, users can search for "delivery restaurants near me" on Google Search and Maps.

When it is time to break the fast, Qibla Finder will help to find a fixed direction towards the Kaaba at the Grand Mosque in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

3. Friendship

To help more families find more activities to do while waiting for iftar, Google Arts & Culture released the Art Coloring Book —Ramadan and Eid Edition that allows everyone to learn and color their favorite artwork right on the site or app.

Google Play also provides various application recommendations, entertaining games, and special promos on the Editor's Choice tab to accompany the Muslim community in this holy month.

Be sure to check Google Play Points to receive up to 5x points during certain events which you can redeem to any app of your choice.

4. Hari Raya Friends

This year only, watch live streams from your favorite creators on their channels; and get recommendations and shop directly on YouTube Shopping.

If you missed it, just point the lens or scan with Google Lens via the 'Shopping' feature and get more inspiration.

With various Google Duo features such as special filters for Ramadan, Group Calls, Video Messages, Data Saving Mode, and Duo on Web - it is hoped that it can help strengthen ties of friendship, launch Eid moments from home and stay in accordance with health protocols.
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