How to Activate the Latest WhatsApp Web Chat Without Internet Quota

How to activate the latest WhatsApp Web chat without internet quota (Photo: WhatsApp)

How to activate the latest WhatsApp Web is quite easy to do, through the update, it is said that users can still chat even without internet quota.

WhatsApp announced on Wednesday (6/4/2022), that now, you can send and receive messages without connecting your phone to the Internet.

In addition to having capabilities as mentioned above, the latest version of WhtasApp Web also allows users to be linked from more than one device, even up to 4 devices at once.

In addition, users can also make calls from the desktop with WhatsApp, this applies to the Windows Operating System (OS).

The latest version of WhatsApp Web is available for Mac or Windows PC devices.

For Windows only, the latest version of WhatsApp Web can run for Windows 8 and later (64-bit and 32-bit).

So how do you activate WhatsApp Web Version 2.2210.9? Summarized from the official statement, here is the review:
  • Go to page
  • Click the "Download for Windows" option where the file is 142 MB
  • The downloaded file will have the name WhtasAppSetup.exe
  • Open the download earlier, WhatsApp will automatically be installed
  • Connect the phone with the available barcode
  • WhatsApp Web/Desktop latest version activated successfully
Thus a brief discussion about how to activate the latest WhatsApp Web chat without internet quota, hopefully it can be useful.
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