Tips for Protecting the Fingerprint Sensor to Make it More Durable

Tips for protecting the fingerprint sensor to make it more durable (Photo: Dignited)
Smartphone technology has developed, in the past we could only enter a PIN or pattern code to unlock a locked phone, while now we only need the touch of a finger.

Processed from various sources, now smartphone users can easily do this with a fingerprint that makes the phone automatically unlock.

Even today, the location of the fingerprint is not only behind the cellphone, there is one on the side and on the screen. This time, will also provide some tips so that smartphone users are able to take care of their fingerprints.

1. Don't use it when your hands are wet

When registering your finger for the first time, make sure your hands are not wet, and so on every time you operate the fingerprint. As it is known that all electronic goods are prone to damage when exposed to water.

Moreover, during rainy conditions, it is highly recommended not to use the cellphone because it is feared that it will hit the fingerprint. This can make the fingerprint lose function or short circuit.

2. Don't Register Multiple Fingers

As is known, the fingerprint in the smartphone is able to support several fingers to access the cellphone. However, it is not recommended to do this.

The obvious reason is that every fingerprint you register will be saved in the phone memory. This will make the phone accommodate additional data that is not important.

3. Don't be fad and play around

In addition to registering with your finger, fingerprint also allows you to scan other parts of the body that are covered with skin such as ears, nose, and lips. However, it is not recommended to do this, because the fingerprint can malfunction.

4. Don't get hit by sharp objects

The last tip is not to scratch sharp objects into the fingerprint. This is because it can make the fingerprint scanner not work and not recognize your finger as the owner.

Thus a brief review of how to protect the finger print sensor. These are light tips but very important to apply for smartphone users, in order to keep the finger print working properly. May be useful..
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