5 Emotional Conditions You Should Avoid to Maintain Relationships

Being in a relationship is not easy. For those of you who are in a relationship, there must be times when you face one that is dominated by emotional factors. Well, here are the things you should avoid when dealing with emotions, as reported by Psychology Today.

Hiding feelings

The most common reason we hide our feelings, especially our negative ones, is the fear of a negative reaction from other people. Well, this should be avoided because holding back emotions can have a long-term impact. It could be that these emotions explode at one time because they can no longer be held back.

Don't care about emotions

Maybe we unconsciously often forget the strong emotions we feel and continue to carry out activities as usual. Actually this is also a form of holding back emotions and the long term impact can be dangerous.

Fight negative emotions with “positive” quotes

There's nothing wrong with looking at positive quotes. However, be careful with toxic positivity, the urge to always feel positive that seems to forbid us from feeling negative emotions.

To deal with negative emotions, we have to accept their existence, not deny and fight those emotions with the quotes "good vibes only" or try to keep smiling.

"Be grateful!"

There's nothing wrong with being grateful. What is not right is if we take our negative emotions or other people's emotions lightly and seem to underestimate them. Avoid sentences that don't value negative emotions and make someone hesitate to accept negative emotions.

Embarrassing someone who feels negative emotions

"When you grow up still crying?" "Is it a crybaby?"
We hear these sentences very often and their effects can be dangerous. People who are embarrassed when they feel negative emotions, over time it will be difficult to express their emotions.

In the end they divert emotions in the wrong way. Most of the victims are men. No wonder they are also the people who smoke the most, are trapped in alcohol use, and commit domestic violence. All of this may have started with one simple sentence, “Men shouldn't be whiny!”

Well, those are some things related to emotions that must be avoided. Negative emotions are there to balance our lives, so they should be accepted just like positive emotions.

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