Causes of Swollen Cellphone Batteries, Solutions and Prevention Methods

Frequent questions, why do our cellphone batteries swell, how do you avoid it and what to do?

One of the components of your smartphone that has declined at the most battery, because it not only reduces its performance over time, but also the more worn component.

Why does the cellphone battery swell?

The main causes of cellular battery swelling are physical damage, manufacturing defects and duration of use, which are generally most common.

Lithium-ion batteries that equip smartphones use chemical reactions to save energetic. As battery age grases, the chemical reaction contained in it also changes, which can create very flammable gas. This is what makes the battery expand or swell.

In addition, if the battery chemical layer is not appropriate, as happened on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, or the same fire.

How do you prevent cellphone batteries from swollen?

To prevent your mobile phone battery from swollen, use only high-quality certified chargers

There is a saying: "Prevention is better than treating" and fortunately, you have a series of guidelines to prevent batteries from your mobile swell.

Assuming that the battery must be replaced at a point, if you follow the recommendations below you can extend the battery life and prevent it from swollen.

Here's the tips:
  1. The use of only certified chargers and high quality. Cheap chargers may not meet the standards set by cellular producers or cannot provide sufficient energy to the device.
  2. Avoid putting the cellphone in a hot extreme place. Because it can damage your terminal battery.
  3. Make sure your cellphone doesn't receive a lot of punches or collisions.
  4. Don't let the battery charged 100% or completely run out for a long period, because this can damage it. So, if you don't want to use your cellphone for the next few weeks, we recommend to charge your battery up to 40 or 50% and then turn it off.

How to check your Android phone battery status

What should be done when a cellular battery swells?

If your cell battery swells, what you need to do. From the beginning, immediately turn off the cellphone unit and go to the repair center to replace the damaged battery.

If you decide to replace it yourself, you have to do it. Outside or in a ventilated location either from flammable material and protects with gloves and safety glasses to avoid fuel in contact with your body.

After the battery is removed, you must put it in a container far from the fire and bring it to the dangerous material recycling center closest to you.
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