At What Age Should You Give Your Child a Smartphone?

What should you do?
What do the experts say about this?
Screen exposure has become a common practice these days with the advent of the internet. Even children are affected by this revolution, which means that they can ask you at any time to offer a smartphone for their own use.

When should you agree to their request? and how can you control the situation? We talk about it in detail in this article.

What should you do?

As explained below, it is safer to give your child a smartphone when they are 16 years old. Indeed, at this age, he would be a bit more informed in his choices. However, you should know that even as an adult, you are not immune to certain dangers associated with using cell phones.

Your role is to protect your child as a parent. Therefore you have a responsibility to ensure the safety of your child, because they will be exposed to all forms of crime that may escape you and which you may not be able to control.

It is therefore advisable to set up parental controls so that you can keep a close eye on what is happening in your teen's life.

Therefore you can use spy software like this one: which allows you to protect your children from all the risks they pose with the use of smartphones.

However, it would be better to discuss it with your child and offer it as a compromise to get his smartphone. It is important to explain to him and reassure him that it is not a matter of controlling his life, but of protecting him from all the dangers that he may face.

Prohibition of Smartphone Use on Minors.

The use of cell phones should be prohibited in children under 12 years of age, and even for teenagers, restrictions should be set by parental controls to protect them.

What do the experts say about this?

According to science, long-term exposure to smartphone screens will result in sleep disturbances. This phenomenon is more pronounced in children, because their brains are developing. They are therefore a vulnerable population due to prolonged radiation exposure.

A law in France was even proposed last November to facilitate the use of parental controls on smartphones or other devices used by minors.
Smartphone use is not recommended until the age of 12. For children aged 12 years, the screen exposure time must be set when using a smartphone.

In adolescence, mobile phones become a necessity to keep in touch between parents and their children. In this case, it allows children to notify their parents when they have an emergency and vice versa.

During adolescence, it is also proven that a child's critical sense has reached a level where he can begin to judge himself by knowing what is good and what is not. However, it is still necessary for parents to supervise the activities of their children.
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