Became A Millionaire In 5 Minutes Thanks To His Incredible Poker Luck

There is a unique and viral image of how a lucky man became a millionaire in less than 5 minutes playing poker.

Five minutes are short and long and things can happen during this time interval, during which life can change.

Lucky Winamax users can prove it after becoming a millionaire in just 4 minutes 40 seconds.

The latter won an extraordinary jackpot of 1.6 million euros on February 16, 2022, while participating in an online poker game. This is an absolute record at a well-known gaming site, also known for its sports betting.
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This poker player became a millionaire in less than 5 minutes

In total, two million euros were wagered and three people competed in a game called Expresso, very popular among lovers.

But very quickly, one of them came out prematurely! Two players then find themselves in a duel ("remembering") and it ends as quickly as it started.

After 29 hands, more or less lucky, the lucky winner did win the bet in less than 5 minutes, winning the biggest win in the history of this Expresso formula, which has been around for 8 years.

So far, the biggest amount that has been won is 800,000 euros and it was won by 8 people in 2021 and then 2022.

The First Expresso of 2 Million Euros Has Dropped! 12491548 became the biggest winner in Winamax history that night taking home €1,600,000!

Winamax Poker (@Winamax) February 16, 2022
For the record, be aware that the winner goes all-in with a pair of jacks in hand, moments after nearly losing everything.

It must be his lucky day!
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