Google Chrome fix big error, update your browser

Google warns of a major security flaw in browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux. Update required.

Google has just released a security advisory (discovered by Bleeping Computer) on its latest update, number 100.0.4896.127 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Therefore, this update does not affect mobile users.

The general idea is simple: solve a zero day error (a flaw that hasn't received a patch) titled CVE-2022-1364. This allows bad guys to arbitrarily execute code without the user's knowledge.

The error was spotted on Wednesday 2022 and reportedly the update was deployed on Thursday 2022 at the end of the day.

Google doesn't want to reveal any further details about the flaw, as long as the "majority of users" haven't updated their browsers, which seems pretty understandable on their part. This is the third zero day error of 2022 for Google Chrome.

How to Update Google Chrome

We can never remind you enough: keeping your internet browser up to date is a good idea to protect yourself from this type of flaw.

Some say, it never hurts to go and check that this is indeed the case. Here is the procedure to follow.
Click in the three-dot menu at the top right;
Click Settings;
Open the drop-down menu on the left and click " About Chrome " at the very bottom;
There, a window will tell you whether your Chrome is up to date or not.

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