Guide to Wipe Data from Your Phone In 2 Easy Steps

Do you want to recycle your old phone, resell it, or give it to your loved ones? Yes, but here it is: you don't know how to delete your data (and you don't want someone to find your private photos).

This simple article will explain how to do it. And the good news is that it's very simple!

Step 1: back up your data (before deleting everything)

It's time to clean your phone! But first, maybe you want to save some family photos? Text messages that touch you? Even all the numbers stored on your old phone (to avoid answering "who are you?" to every text message received on your new phone).

Please specify, what data you want to save, we will tell you how:

I just wanted to keep some photos, as a keepsake.

Nothing is easier! You can transfer them to a new phone or to your computer: via sms, email, WeTransfer or others.

I have lots of photos to transfer

Are you the type of person who takes 300 photos (at least) a day on vacation? To save all your photos before deleting data from your phone, you can put them in online (Cloud) storage services, such as Google Drive, Apple iCloud, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, kDrive, pCloud.

Some of these services are free. And others are available with paid subscriptions, which have more storage space. Very practical. This service will allow you to access all your memories, anytime and from any device, with complete security.

I want to save all my phone data (photos, phone numbers, apps).

1. For those who have an iPhone or iPad: to perform a backup, you need a laptop or iCloud, then follow the steps shown here. Note that in iCloud, backups can be performed automatically, which is very handy if your phone is lost or stolen. We will find all our photos and contacts in iCloud!

To do this, simply connect to Wifi and then go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > iCloud Backup.

2. For Android users: the easiest way is to back up your data to Google Drive (Settings > System > Backup > Back up now). Otherwise, you can transfer your data via other apps like AnyDroid.

Step 2: wipe data from your old phone

There she is. No more regrets: all your precious memories and numbers keep warm? Now is the time to say goodbye to those who stay on your phone, and then give your phone a second life, by recycling it, reselling it, or giving it to someone else.

Are you an Apple or Android user?

How to delete data from my iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch:

Step 1:
  • Disconnect
  • Disable all sync options:
  • Disable iMessage,
  • Sign out of iCloud, from the iTunes Store and App Stores,
  • Disconnect with Apple Watch if you have one,
  • Remove your old device from trusted devices list
Step 2: say goodbye
Go to settings and tap General > Transfer or reset > Erase all content and settings.

> Further explanation by reading this article

How to clear data from my android:

Go to your Settings then go to System > Reset option > Wipe all data (factory reset) > tick "Wipe internal storage" then > Erase all data.

Hooray! Mission accomplished..
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