The Easiest Way to Change My Email Address

Do you need to change your email address for practical or confidential reasons? This operation is possible in certain cases. Here's how.

Change Gmail address

In Gmail, this is not always possible. Sign in to your Google account and go to "Personal information", "Contact information" and "Email address". You can see your current address. If you have the possibility to click on it, you will be able to modify it.

When modifying it, be careful not to use an existing name. If this is not possible, the following message will appear: "The address cannot be modified that identifies your Google account".

Change email address Orange

If you use Orange, go to your customer area. Then go to your account security management. In the "Your account identifier" section, click the "Change" button and enter your new address.

Please note, by default, you will continue to receive emails sent to your old address (even if you no longer use them, emails sent will be forwarded automatically): uncheck this option if necessary.

Change Outlook email address, is it possible?

If you use Outlook, you will not be able to change your address. Two solutions are available to you. You can create a new one first. Go to the Outlook website and click "Create a free account". Choose an available username and password before validating. You will need to enter some information: your last name, your first name, your country of residence, and your date of birth.

Another option is “Add alias” by adding a new address to your current mailbox. With it, you will have an additional email address that uses the same inbox as your original (primary) address.

Editing email on Yahoo

On Yahoo, you won't be able to change your existing email address. However, Yahoo offers the possibility to change your account name as well as your pseudonym. To do this, go to "Personal information" then "Edit". Click your name and/or nickname. If this is not enough for you, create a new address. Go to the Yahoo signup page.

Good luck, good luck..
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