Microsoft Stops Providing Security Updates for Windows 10 20H2

Microsoft will stop giving you security updates if you don't upgrade to Windows 10 20H2 next month

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Microsoft puts pressure on anyone who constantly sticks to an older version of Windows.

The company is ending support for Windows 10 20H2 in just a few weeks, meaning anyone who fails to upgrade will no longer receive the security update. Microsoft, of course, likes users upgrading to Windows 11, but that's not the only option.

Typically, four versions of Windows 10 end support at the same time. Windows 10 20H2 Home, Pro, Education, and Pro for Workstation editions reach the end of service on May 10, 2022.

In the Support article On the Product Lifecycle page, Microsoft advises users to:

Windows 10 20H2 reaches end of service on May 10, 2022. This applies to the following versions* of Windows 10 released in October 2020:

– Windows 10 Home, version 20H2
– Windows 10 Pro version 20H2
– Windows 10 Professional Education v20H2
– Windows 10 Pro for Workstation, version 20H2

This version does not receive security updates after May 10, 2022.

The company once said that customers who contact Microsoft Support after that date will be asked to update their devices to the latest version of Windows 10 to stay supported.

With Microsoft forcing the 21H2 version of Windows 10 onto PCs as early as 2022, the system will be supported for some time to come. However, for longer support periods, an upgrade to Windows 11 is required, although hardware requirements mean this won't be an option for everyone.
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