pCloud: Better Than Dropbox and iCloud Thanks to Lifetime Subscription

What if you stopped paying for your cloud every month and switched to pCloud's lifetime offer?

pCloud, a serious competitor to iCloud Drive and Dropbox

All major public cloud platforms, such as Apple, Google or Microsoft provide cloud services, such as Dropbox. But when it comes to thinking outside the box, the offerings are often less attractive and the software more complicated to use.

However, services like pCloud manage to differentiate themselves from their competitors by setting themselves up among the giants of the sector.

How? Thanks to generous "lifetime" subscriptions, such as the often-promoted Family plan, where you only have to pay your bill once in a lifetime.

This service was launched a few years ago with servers based in Luxembourg or in the United States (your choice), allowing you to sync and access your files from anywhere, free up local storage space or share documents and collaborate on them.

But as we told you, what sets pCloud apart the most from other providers above all are their very generous subscriptions and their "Lifetime" plans, in addition to their unique local encryption option, pCloud Encryption.

How much does pCloud cost?

Like Dropbox, pCloud offers you a free account, with up to 10 GB of storage. If Google offers 15 GB for free, you should remember that this includes your email, documents, and photos. Apple and Microsoft, on the other hand, only offer 5 GB free and Dropbox only provides a small 2 GB.

But again, where pCloud really shines is when it comes to its subscriptions. Currently, thanks to the Easter offer, the pCloud 2 TB Family "Lifetime" offer and with the pCloud Encryption encryption option benefit from a 79% reduction and thus only cost €400 instead of €1880. Except this time, the discounts decrease from time to time... So don't miss out and go for it!

This subscription offers up to 5 users in one account, 2 TB of storage, 2 TB of shared link traffic, and pCloud Encryption options, which are usually purchased separately.

You should know that Google Drive and iCloud offer 2 TB per month for €9.99. With this 2 TB pCloud plan, currently selling for €400, it's as if you stopped paying for your cloud subscription after 3 years 4 months... Unless you keep it for life! Also remember that after purchase, you have a 10 day money back guarantee.

How do I sign up for pCloud and how do I use it?

You can sign up for pCloud using your Facebook or Google credentials or by entering your email address and password. As with all file sync services, the installation process prompts you to download and install the pCloud Drive software, although this is not mandatory as you can visit

The service includes apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS or Android, which makes pCloud a much more cross-platform service than iCloud Drive, for example. There are also browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Opera. With this, you can upload web content directly to your pCloud storage space.

Once you've installed the pCloud desktop client, you'll see a cloud-shaped system tray icon (similar to OneDrive). An assistant will guide you to maximize the service.

Next, the software used like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive or iCloud: the client is used by the icon installed in the file explorer, from which you can access the content stored in the cloud.

Since pCloud Encryption is included in this offer, you benefit from an additional encrypted folder on your system. To encrypt your files, all you need to do is place them in this protected folder, with military-grade security.

Also note that pCloud stores your files for 30 days for paid accounts and 15 days for free accounts, useful in case of accidental deletion.

The pCloud family is on sale for Easter: it's now or never!

So, starting Thursday 14 April 2022 at 8 am and until 18 April 2022, pCloud Family (2 TB storage and up to 5 users + pCloud Encryption) is on sale for a starting price of 400 euros.

The price will stay at 400 euros for the first 24 hours (starting April 14th in the morning), then it will start increasing gradually until April 18th. In other words, the less you wait, the less you will pay!
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