The Koran and Science, Explain the Condition of the Sun's Surface, a Tongue of Fire and a Magnetic Typhoon

The Koran and Science, Explain the Condition of the Sun's Surface, There is a Tongue of Fire to a Magnetic Typhoon

The Koran and science, explain the condition of the Sun's surface, there are flames to magnetic typhoons (Photo: NASA)

The sun is estimated to be about 5 billion years old, has a diameter of more than 1.33 billion kilometers, and its circumference is 325 times larger than that of Earth.

The weight of the Sun is estimated at 332,000 times that of Earth. The temperature in the center reaches 20 million degrees Celsius, while at the surface it is around 6,000 degrees Celsius.

Summarized from the Book of Science in the Koran, Dr. Nadiah Thayyarah, mentioned that the sun has flames sticking out from its surface.

The flames stretched to a height of 500 thousand kilometers and continuously spewed energy of about 168,400 horsepower (horse power) per square meter.

The sun is just a small star, not a big star. On the surface of the Sun, there are very powerful electric and magnetic cyclones.

The problem that baffles scientists is the fact that the Sun has been emitting the same heat energy for millions of years.

On that basis, there is no doubt that the combustion process that occurs in the body of the Sun is not as human imagined. And it's unimaginable.

Some scientists argue, meteorites and meteors that fall on the surface of the Sun replace the sun's heat lost due to the irradiation process.
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