Who are the Oldest and First People on Earth? From which country?

If the first humans were born more than 7 million years ago, many of us have wondered what the oldest living person on our planet was. The answer is in Australia.

For thousands of years, many peoples and civilizations have replaced each other on our planet. If some have disappeared, such as the Maya or the Aztecs, others still exist. But it has not been determined who is the oldest living person.

In this case, several elements must be taken into account. When it comes to people with the longest and recorded history, China is considered to be the oldest surviving civilization. However, researchers from the University of Copenhagen wanted to determine which people had the oldest DNA. They did a lot of analysis and the results were unequivocal: the oldest person was Australian.

Indigenous Australians, descendants of the first humans

To be more precise, it is the indigenous people (who should be called the Australian natives) who are the descendants of the first explorers in history. According to the results of the study, indigenous Australians have the same DNA as the first humans from Central Africa. The latter made history by being the first to cross the ocean.

Thus they set foot in Australia about 75,000 years ago. They then thrived on the island and several generations have succeeded. Today, the first human descendants are present in Australia, but also in Papua New Guinea. However, the fact that Aboriginal people are the oldest in the world is also due to other factors.

Some of the reasons Australians became the first humans

Due to their geographical position, the first humans to arrive in Australia were isolated from the rest of the world for a long time. They did not merge with others until 4,000 years before our era. Nonetheless, early human DNA managed to evolve over nearly 58,000 years, making the Indigenous Australians a nation with an unbroken history and presence on our planet.

Another factor to consider is everyone's history: whether after war, invasion, disease or natural disaster, everyone experiences ups and downs that can sometimes lead to loss. But the native Australians managed to avoid it, until the colonization of the island in 1770, and managed to make their culture the oldest on our planet.

The Oldest and First Human on Earth According to Islam

It is mentioned in several religious teachings, especially Islam, that Prophet Adam is known as the first human in the world. But according to history, the first humans on earth were ancient humans.

This of course raises the question, which one actually existed on Earth first, the early humans or the Prophet Adam?

In the Qur'an is told about human events. But it is also narrated that before the occurrence of this human (Prophet Adam) there were already other creatures that inhabited the earth, but it is not explained what these other creatures were. Perhaps, these other creatures are from the Jin class and it could be that these creatures are ancient humans.

When the Quran speaks of this first human, it only states that man was created from clay. Furthermore, there is a process where the spirit is finally breathed out, so he becomes a human. Maybe that's modern man.

The Qur'an does not explain what happens after the earth and before the spirit is breathed in.

So, given an illustration like this, we have the alphabet A to Z. First A, finally Z. Is there a difference between A and Z? Lots.

The Qur'an only tells of A from the ground and tells of Z being breathed by the spirit. Maybe there is a process here. The Qur'an does not explain the process before the spirit is breathed.

Therefore, there is a question as to whether Darwin's theory is true or New Darwinism. We say, Islam does not discuss that. It is a field of science. If science can prove it, then it does not contradict the Koran.

Don't involve Islam and the Koran here. The Koran only says A and Z. That's because the Koran only says that the spirit is breathed from the ground. So reject him in the name of knowledge or accept him in the name of knowledge.

Can a Muslim believe in Darwin's theory but also believe in what is in the Koran?

There are some Islamic scholars who believe and justify it. Ibn Kaldun, one of the people who mentioned it that there is a process of this human event. Until it reaches what he calls Alamul Qiradah, but people in writing call it Alamul Quldra.

Alamul Qiradah itself is a term used by Ibn Khaldun to describe the realm of monkeys.

However, he (Ibn Khaldun) is not in the name of the Koran, he is only in the name of research.

We as a person are like that, it is not natural to reject Darwin's theory in the name of the Koran. But please decline in the name of knowledge. Likewise, do not accept in the name of the Koran, please accept in the name of knowledge.

To be sure, existing human theories can be right or wrong. The ultimate truth belongs only to Allah SWT. Wallahu A'lam..
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