How to Restore a Suspended Twitter Account, It's Easy!

How to restore a Twitter account that has been suspended you can do if you accidentally violate the posting policy. There are two ways you can do this through a registered account and it can also be via Twitter help.

Twitter is a popular social media used by many people around the world. Not only from ordinary people, Twitter is also used by world leaders, one of whom is diligent in uploading tweets, Elon Musk.

Twitter has become a favorite social media because it allows users to express themselves. This is also what makes many Twitter users express themselves beyond the limits set by the company's rules.

If this is the case, then Twitter might suspend or deactivate the user's account. Account suspensions often occur due to several factors, such as tweets containing elements of harassment against certain religions, races and also spreading slander and false news.

The suspended account itself can actually be recovered by Twitter. However, it is not easy to just recover, the user needs to apply for the reinstatement of the suspended account.

Two Ways to Recover Deactivated Twitter Account

There are two ways to apply for an account refund that can be done by users. How to? Here we present the steps, as reported by the official Twitter page, Sunday (10/4/2022):

1. Restore the account by logging in

The first way that can be taken is by logging in using a registered email and password. Later, a phone number verification will be displayed, just follow the instructions until the suspension is revoked by Twitter.

2. Restore the account via the appeal site

You can also return a suspended account by accessing Later you will be asked to fill out a form in the form of email, full name, username, and so on.

After that, they will also be asked to describe a description of the problem and a defense so that the Twitter account is not suspended. If the problem description is complete, just send it and then wait for the process for one 24 hours.

If the recovery of the suspended account has been approved by Twitter, the account will be restored to its original state and can be used again.
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