Viral, Unique Baby Goat with Super Long Ears Becomes a Celebrity on Social Media

Mohammad Hassan Narejo with Simba, the long-eared goat at his home in Karachi, Pakistan, July 8, 2022. (Photo: Reuters)
KARACHI – A baby goat has become viral and famous on social media because of its unique appearance. Simba, the baby goat, has very long ears, more than 55 cm, and continues to grow.

The tan-skinned goat has attracted thousands of followers on YouTube and other channels since he was born in Karachi, Pakistan on June 4, 2022.

His breeder, Mohammad Hassan Narejo, has submitted details of Simba to the Guinness Book of Records, though he's not sure they recorded the size of the longest goat ear. Narejo is still waiting for an answer.

When Simba was born, his ears were 48cm long. The goat's ears are about 7 cm away in just over a month and show no signs of stopping.

"I have a special velvet belt or pouch to protect his ears, so he can run and play easily without being distracted by his ears," Narejo told Reuters.

He feeds Simba with milk three times a day and has taken other steps to ensure his well-being. He had threaded a black thread around the animal's throat to ward off the evil eye.

“The evil eye can destroy mountains. He's just a baby goat with celebrity status,” said Narejo.

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